Writing and editing copy for marketing on the web, editing images with Adobe Photoshop and applying basic html coding. Market research and uploading of copy and images to the web. Sales calling to recruit new businesses and subsequent liaising with clientele.


Jenna helped to create, promote and share marketing ideas and events for the magazine throughout her second year of her undergraduate degree BA (Hons) Creative Writing & Publishing. Events included stands around the university and a live music night in Bath, to celebrate the launch of milk’s print edition.


In 2010, Australian-born singer-songwriter Sam Clark (prev. actor TV soap-opera Neighbours), launched his musical career in Europe, touring the UK and Ireland. Jenna joined the artist’s street team, promoting his presence through social media, online and in person through word of mouth. Rewards were given to those who were proven to have worked hardest on the project, of which Jenna was ranked within the Top 3.


As the elected Head 0f Marketing for the student-led media group SpaLife, Jenna oversaw marketing strategies, planning and budgets, She also followed productions for all sectors of the SpaLife media group: TV, Radio and Magazine. Jenna marketed the brand and activities of SpaLife to the wider university population through avenues such as social media pages and campus held events i.e. Freshers’ Fair, SpaLife magazine Launch etc.


Jenna helped to promote the Bath Children’s Literature Festival across the city of Bath. She assisted with marketing both in the lead-up to the event and throughout the course of the festival itself. Responsibilities included; distributing marketing material, communication with the public, other volunteers and local businesses. Interaction with children, through dress-up characters, liaising with festival staff and holding the stall at promotional events.