Jenna undertook work experience at the Ballymoney Times, where she trialled various tasks including; research, feature writing, social media, proof-reading and copy-editing. She wrote up articles for the paper on general news, as well as helping to maintain the social media pages. Jenna also had the opportunity to visit a courtroom and review possible cases that could go to print; which later allowed for ethical practice in writing for the media. Jenna had an opportunity to contact members of the public for interview and   generally survey the daily workings of a local regional newspaper office.


Jenna was offered summer work experience at KISS magazine (VIP Magazine Group, Ireland), where she undertook varying tasks: feature writing for celebrity, beauty and lifestyle pages, pictorial research for features, assisting with wardrobe department for photoshoots, aiding photographer and acting as a general runner to the Editor-In-Chief. This experience allowed Jenna to gain first-hand experience in the working day of the publishing industry, building-up technical and social skills in a professional capacity.


Involvement with Quiescent Magazine involved conducting interviews with an array of artists, before writing up the interview transcripts for publication.


Involvement with Atwood Magazine involved conducting interviews with an array of artists, before writing up the interview transcripts for publication. Jenna also took part in pictorial research of the artists work to accompany the printed text of the interviews.


Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Little Ivy Magazine. Jenna created her own independent arts and lifestyle publication, whereby she built up a team of voluntary staff to help her showcase stories and artwork for like-minded young creatives. Other involvement included research, design, feature writing, artist liaison, marketing and staff communications.


As elected Media Officer for Bath Spa University Students Union, Jenna helped to manage the editorial content of SpaLife Magazine for publication, ensuring ethical and legal journalism rules were abided and that content was appropriate for its intended audience. Jenna would also contribute content to the magazine, as well as upholding the role of acting copy-editor to the acting Editor-In-Chief of SpaLife Magazine throughout this period.


Working as part of the milk. magazine’s mast-head staff, as an editor for the News & Features Team. This involved sourcing writers and articles for the news section milk., as well as ensuring content was deemed appropriately edited for publication on the website. Jenna also wrote numerous articles for the beauty, travel, entertainment and lifestyle sections of the website, each article involving research, pictorial research, writing and re-drafting before seen as fit for publication. She would then plug said articles on social media to reach a wider audience of readers.